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Dr. Anil Kumar Kansal, Neurosurgeon


   About Doctor

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Kansal has 23+ years of experience in neurosurgery and has performed more than 10,000 neurosurgical procedures.

  • His expertise lies in the areas of Aneurysm Clipping, Epilepsy Surgery, Neuromodulation (for pain management), Skull Base Surgery and Neurovascular Surgery.

  • Dr. Anil completed Endoscopic (Brain & Spine) fellowship with Prof. M.R Ghab (Germany) & Prof M. Hussain K.G.M.C. Lucknow.

  • He has been a Guest Speaker in fifteen engagements on Cervical Arthroplasty, Neurological Trauma, and Spinal Trauma.

  • Recently,  he was appreciated for his excellent lecture at AIIMS, New Delhi.

  • He has done Advanced Spinal Training, Percutaneous Discectomy, Nucleoplasty training, followed by MAST (Minimal Access Spine Techniques) training from General Hospital, Singapore.

  • Dr. Anil is a member of various renowned organizations like Neurological Society of India, Delhi Neurological Association and Delhi Spine Society.


  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

   List of Treatments

  • Temporal Lobectomy

  • Lesionectomy

  • Hemispherectomy

  • Corpus Callosotomy

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation

  • Multiple Subpial Transections MST

  • VP Shunting

  • Ventriculostomy

  • Skull Base Surgery

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

  • Narcolepsy Treatment

  • Headache

  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

  • Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency Treatment

  • Liberation Treatment

  • Sensory Ataxia Treatment

  • Cerebral Palsy - Stem Cell Treatment

  • Craniotomy Surgery

  • Cranioplasty

  • Neural Stem Cell Therapy

  • Autism - Stem Cell Treatment

  • Muscular Dystrophy - Stem Cell Treatment

  • Neuropathy - Stem Cell Treatment

  • Brain Haemorrhage Treatment

  • Blood Clot Brain Surgery

  • Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Carotid Endarterectomy

  • Cerebral Angioplasty

  • Cerebral or Brain Aneurysm Treatment

  • Endovascular Coiling

  • Surgical Clipping

  • Brain Tumor Surgery

  • Pineal Region Tumors Treatment

  • Gliomas Treatment

  • Meningioma

  • Schwannomas

  • Pituitary Tumor Treatment

  • Gamma Knife for AVM or Brain Tumor

  • Microvascular Decompression MVD

  • Percutaneous Balloon Compression (PBC)

  • Stereotactic Radio Surgery

  • Percutaneous Steriotactic Treatment - PSR

  • Radiofrequency Rhizotomy - Neurotomy


  • MBBS, 1994, LLRM Medical College, Meerut

  • MS, 1997, KGMC, Lucknow

  • MCh, 2001, KGMC, Lucknow


  • Advanced Spinal Training from Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, South Korea

  • Percutaneous Discectomy and Nucleoplasty training from Bangkok, Thailand

  • MAST (Minimal Access Spinal Techniques) training from General Hospital, Singapore

  • Training in Advance Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Freiburg, Germany


  • New Delhi, India

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